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Great YA book!

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I loved the world that the author created with this book! A smart, but naive girl gets some huge life lessons along with a dose of reality. I loved the character of Evie, and loved her growth throughout the book. She goes from naive (being seriously duped by her supposed best friend) to learning a lot of life lessons in the course of the book. She also evolves from thinking her career is the most important thing to realizing her happiness and family should be top of that list instead.

The evolution of Evie from a naive, but basically self centered teenager, to one that can empathize and Cares more about her family and what they are feeling was great, and a wonderful piece of writing. Likewise, the relationship between Evie and Milo also is great to watch unfold.

The writing is great, and the portrayal of relationships in the book is fabulous. I loved the fact that the majority of the characters in the book were people of color, too.

Overall, would definitely recommend this book! Nice light read for an adult, and I think young adults would like it too!