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Fun contemporary YA romance

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Evie is a young actress living in L.A. and has a legacy to live up to. Her parents are famous documentary film makers and her grandmother, Gigi, is a legendary actress. She has dreamed of following in Gigi's footsteps her whole life. Evie is about to launch into superstardom in a thriller movie with a famous director, when her best friend Simone betrays her by posting an embarrassing drunken video of Evie on social media. Evie's trust is shattered and she loses the movie role. She has a chance to star in the remake of her grandmother's most famous movie. All she needs is Gigi's blessing. She visits Gigi in New York and meets Gigi's friend Milo an aspiring teenage musician. Gigi subsequently vanishes and Evie and Milo search NYC for Gigi. At the beginning of the book, Evie's behavior is selfish. She is thinking only of what her grandmother can do for her career. She does not start off on the right foot with Milo. She grows a lot during the story and comes to realize that people are complex and that self worth should not be based on what others think of you. Now That I've Found You is a fun, fast-paced coming of age story.