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Cute YA Contemporary

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This story gave me major Evelyn Hugo vibes, and I really enjoyed this one. It takes place in New York, as Evie tries to look for her grandmother before an award ceremony after a fight they had, in an attempt to fix her career after being blacklisted.

Although I really didn't like Evie in the beginning, I feel like she showed growth throughout the novel. Her relationship with Milo, as she struggles to let him be her friend after being betrayed is heartfelt, as well as her relationship with Gigi with which was touching. I also like Milo's character, as well as his friendship with his bandmates, which was one of my favorite parts of the book. The only problem I had with this is I thought the relationship progressed a bit fast, but overall, I thought this was a solid YA contemporary, as it was a cute, and enjoyable read. I will probably read Forest's first novel because I had really enjoyed this novel.