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Cute story!

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Science fiction is usually not my thing but damn! can you think of a better premise than 'What would you do if your husband stole your research in order to clone himself a better version of you, so that he could finally love you?' What! of course I had to check it out and i am glad i did!

To be honest , this wont be a fair synopsis since I can't share any spoilers and everything I want to share are spoilers of some short. let me just say this is my first book by the author and i was greatly surprised!

the aspects of the book i loved the most were the ethical and theoretical questions than came from their relationship that really left me thinking for a while as a good Black Mirror episode would.

Cant wait for release day to finally reread the book again with my bookclub and have a proper discussion about it. I am sure a great discussion will take place, specially with ethical debate!