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Cute and Entertaining YA Read

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Evie Jones grew up surrounded by fame and eventually became an actress herself. After a stupid mistake on social media and a friend’s betrayl, her dreams are dashed and she is forced to rethink her plan. Going into hiding, Evie goes to her grandmother to escape and get help, but her grandmother has a secret herself and disappears when she is needed most. Evie teams up with Milo Williams to search for her grandmother and navigate fame.

Evie’s character is strong-willed, passionate, and shows a lot of growth through the novel. By far one of the best elements of this story is when she opens up enough to get to know Milo Williams, the song-writing, lovable, and personable love interest who has a secret of his own. The banter and quick friendship these two characters develop seems so real and heartwarming. The author did an amazing job with character development and creating a plot that traveled all over New York. Also, the ending. Not gonna lie, I cried happy tears and felt a bit ridiculous doing so because it's a ya novel, but it was wrapped up so well.

The only small items that held this book back for me is that there was a bit of cheesiness and I wish Evie had stood up for herself more.

This is definitely a novel I will be recommending to some of my middle school students. The relatability of the characters and link to social media will really connect with younger ages. If you are craving a cute, contemporary ya novel with a bit of mystery to it, grab Now That I’ve Found You!