Contemporary YA Romance

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Evie is an 18 year old aspiring movie star following in the footsteps of her famous actress grandmother Evelyn Conaway but due to unfortunate circumstances perpetrated by a close confidant she loses her upcoming movie deal. Now she must convince her grandma to join her for a public ceremony celebrating the achievements of her movie career - but her grandma has no interest in being awarded, in fact she goes missing a few days before the awards show. Evelyn's new friend Milo tries to help Evie, much to her consternation, as she doesn't trust this young guy hanging out with her rich and famous grandmother.

Upon reading the premise for this book I was very excited, I love stories about movie stars so I was intrigued by this one. This book started off strong but about one-third of the way through it seemed to change in direction and my interest started to wane. The story became less about Evie and Evelyn's experiences in the movie business and more about Evie and Milo and their relationship. I think that the author did a good job with Evie's perspective and the style with which she was written but I just figured there would be a bit more about their experiences behind the scenes of Hollywood. I did enjoy the references to growth and the pitfalls of coming of age in a time when every little thing is so scrutinized by social media, it also explored themes of growing through familial expectations and setting a path of your own. This turned out to be a friendship/romance between two young adults which didn't feel entirely real to me. I would be interested to read more work by this author as I did see promise in the beginning of this story so I am curious about her other stories.