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Awesome, coming of age book...

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For starters, the beginning of this book drew me right in. I seemed to relate to the characters right from the start, especially Evie, the young and naive aspiring actress that gets scammed by her best friend, losing her first big acting gig.

I loved the arc that Evie, the main character takes. She goes from a naive, young girl to learning to understand the world and others in her circle better. She forms stronger relationships with her family members, especially her grandmother, throughout the book.

Also, I loved the relationship that Evie makes with her grandmother’s friend, Milo. It grows from her being very suspicious of him and the motivations he has toward her family, to that of understanding and friendship. The characterization of this was flawless, and relatable.

This was a good, clean young adult novel. Although it was young adult, it did appeal to an actual adult, and I really enjoyed my time with the novel. Definitely highly recommend, especially to young readers!