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A very endearing story

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I really enjoyed this book! I think most of us can relate to being betrayed by a friend in our youth, and this perfectly showed how that feels, even if it was on a much larger scale than most of us had to deal with. I also really loved the relationship between Evie and her grandmother, and how Milo had a similar relationship with her.

There is a great story here with a young actress and how she wants to follow in her grandmother's footsteps, but I also really enjoyed the side story about the grandmother herself. I think I would read the story about her and James as well. But I think the journey that Evie and Milo take and how they interact with each other and others around them will reach out to many different readers. I think Simone is a truly deplorable character. I know there are some who will say she sort of redeemed herself, but to me she was just the ultimate villain.

The end of the book was priceless. I loved it so much! What Milo says to Evie when she gets to him made me smile so big! I think it was the perfect ending to this endearing story.