Wrong Time, TTFN!

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Oh, I wanted to love this book so so much! I think it was a 'wrong time but maybe right book' situation for me. I brought this book along with me as a car read for a road trip vacation, so I had more than enough time on the road to read it. I started it and was initially very confused. There was a lot of jumping around from point of view to point of view, and on top of that, we (the reader) were thrown into some really complex stuff right off the bat ... so needless to say I felt a bit not quite grounded in the characters and plot. I really do have that feeling that if I had stuck with it, things would've turned around, I would've gotten oriented, and I would've loved the book. As it stands, I made it maybe 50 pages in and had to just say 'ta ta for now!' I do plan on returning to it again when it feels like the right time (and the mood really hits me). Considering there are a few other mixed reviews out there, I'm glad I'm not quite alone in my feelings ... but I am also genuinely hopeful that the positive reviews out there will ring true for me when I do decide to return to the story again.