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Medieval settings are one of my favorite and having a twist into the historical fiction realm, well, I had to read it! King Richard the Lionheart marching to war during the Crusades and having his version of the Round Table of knights around him while having an inner circle of these knights who trade being the kings body double, really interested twist. Not only that, but the king also tests his security by dressing as a commoner and attempting to get to the "king" and "kill him".
I really enjoyed the accurate descriptions of the siege on a town/castle and the challenges associated with that from the attackers point of view. The added restlessness of some leaders to attack even though the odds are not yet in their favor and the leadership turmoil faced. In this book, King Richard wants the job done quickly but victoriously because he knows the stress and difficulty his countrymen are going through to help fund the war efforts. Well done.