An Okay Retelling of Robin Hood

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Nottingham by Nathan Makaryk is an intriguing and fun retelling of Robin Hood.

I liked the writing and the overall plot was fantastic, but this book just seemed too long for me. I do read lenghty books, but this one just did not keep me interested the entire time. I did like that the details and descriptions were vivid. The overall storyline is well-written and the characters are fascinating enough. That being said, I just never really got into the story like I hoped I would. Some parts were kind of slow and I just really wanted to be thrilled more and I never really got that. It was still kind of fun read and there are plenty of amazing moments in the story that I liked. Just took me a very long time to finish and I almost did not pick it up again.

I can't say I'd recommend this book, but if you are a fan of Robin Hood and love reading retellings, then you might enjoy this.