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This is the first book that I have read from this author. I won a copy from Goodreads.com. This is my unbiased and voluntary review.

Miss Drusilla Clare is an heiress, but all alone except for an elderly aunt and her best friend, Lady Eva de Courtney. Drusilla is rather plain looking, is very opinionated and prickly, while Eva is beautiful, but her mother was insane. So the two of them find themselves wall flowers, and are quite content with their status. Drusilla has been in love with Eva's half brother, Gabriel Marlington, for years, but since he is so handsome and charming, no one she thinks, who would ever be interested in her, she has verbal sparred with him instead. Gabriel was actually raised in Oran, in northwest Algeria, in a Barber tribe, where his father was the Sultan and his British mother part of his harem. After a coup, his mother escaped back to England and he followed her. For some reason, unknown to Gabriel, he has an enemy who wants to destroy him, and his machinations put Drusilla in a position where Gabriel must rescue her by marrying her. Why is Gabriel being targeted? Is Dru also in danger? Will their marriage of convenience grow into something more if they can get over their insecurities? These questions will all be answered. The only question that was never answered, is how Gabriel's mother, now Lady Exley, ended up in the harem.

Skillfully written, the characters are ubique and the plot engaging. I look forward to reading the next book about Eva.