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This Will Probably Appeal to Romance Fiction Fans

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This book is well written, but the story did not draw me in. Sometimes the characters seemed completely modern while the dialogue often uses old-fashioned language of centuries ago along with titles like 'Lord' and "Lady' with 'footmen' leaping to attention to open doors in order to make this a tale from history. From the sample pages, this seems to be basically a romance novel. There are the beautiful debutantes and the hunky playboys who show up at the formal event. Jealousy among the women runs rampant. Handsome male Gabe with the required muscular arms is attracted to Miss Kittridge (a.k.a. "The Kitten"), and it looks like his mother is putting so much pressure on her children to get married that he might soon be proposing to her. Drusilla does the obligatory response as acting like she does not care what Gabe does when she is actually seething. And so, no surprise, she starts insulting him and says she expects to hear all sorts of bad reports about Gabe's activities - up to and including orgies. Okay, you get the picture.