This was breathtaking

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I am astonished. I absolutely would recommend this to others. There was so many eventful and surprising parts of this book. I just could not stop reading. Hours would go by and I didn't even realize. I would say this is my new favorite book. I cannot wait for the next book that Minerva Spencer will bring to the series.

There was so many emotions I went through while reading. What I really liked was Drusilla's character and her outlook of things. Also how Gabriel's personality developed throughout the book and how his perspective of Drusilla changed. I personally, liked pretty much everything in this book. The cover of the book is nice and simple, with the protagonist's silhouette. It helped me have more of an idea of what she looked like while I was reading. I am a slow reader so it took me some time to read the whole thing, but I was glad I took my time to enjoy this wonderful book.