Had a lot of Promise, Didn't turn out as well as it could've

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The premise of the book sounds good at first, but as you continue to read it problematic content and confusing situation arise that leave the reader wondering why those scenes were kept in. The premise of the book begins with an enemies to lovers romance; however, instead we are dealt with a insta love that runs hot and cold and then hot and cold and then once more hot and cold that can lead you to go into a dizzy. On top of all of that the use of infidelity and racism through the terms of cheating and the use of describing a character as "exotic" in their looks left me much un-impressed and disappointed in the writing compared to what other authors have put out in the same genre this year. I was also left confused as in the beginning of the book the main character is an extreme feminist but by the end of the book the subject is rarely if even mentioned, which felt like taking away a huge plot point to me.