Awesome Romance!

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This book is one of the most enjoyable I've read in quite some time! I don't normally read romances, and I read historical romances even less. I loved the small excerpt I got to read courtesy of BookishFirst, so I requested this as soon as it went up on Netgalley. Thankfully I got accepted, because I loved reading this!

Drusilla has been in love with her best friend's brother, Gabriel for years. But, instead of embracing her feelings, she hides them with a thorny exterior. During a frightfully boring ball, he saves her from a scoundrel, but compromises her reputation. In order to save themselves from society's scathing words, Gabriel proposes. Neither of them is thrilled, but hate soon gives way to love.

I never put this book down, not because of the plot, but because of the romance. I know that most of us readers love a good enemies-to-lovers romance, and this is one of the best I read. The banter between Drusilla and Gabriel was top notch, I couldn't stop laughing. Plus, their romance was steamy as could be. Their transition from enemies-to-lovers felt natural, not rushed like it can be.

Although I've shelved this as historical fiction, the historical aspect was pretty much nonexistent. Sure, the social standards were there, and they wore all the fancy ball gowns, but that was about it. We don't get to see much of the time's politics or current events, but I'm not complaining! I loved the setting of this, it allowed for so much more angst and cuteness.

Even though I don't love historical fiction, I really loved this. I can definitely see myself rereading this over and over again, I liked it that much. Drusilla and Gabriel have made their way int0 some of my favorite couples, they were just so cute! If you're a fan of historical romance, this will be right up your alley!

Thanks to Netgalley and Minerva Spencer for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review!