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I Feel a Love Triangle Brewing

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I liked this first look. I'm not super big into romance novels, but I don't usually mind ones that are more historical or have historical elements. With this book I don't know if I really like the main character's first name (Drusilla) all I can think about is Cinderella's evil step-sister. I did like that the author poked a little fun of Dru's name even. I'm interested to see how Gabe and Dru fall in love- it's a romance novel it's bound to happen. It even has the trope of having the main character who doesn't want to get married fall in love with her best friend's (step) brother. Speaking of best friend- I really do like Eva and I'm curious to learn more about why people call her mad. Does it have to do with her illness? I think there should be justice for Eva as well and she needs a love interest. I feel like there will be a slight love triangle between Dru, Gabe and Kitten. Why set up the character if it doesn't come back to be important later- unless it's like Rosalie in Romeo and Juliet.