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STrong Start, Weak FInish

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No Less Days poses a great plot but in the end, I didn't care about teh majority of teh characters.
David Galloway can't die. He can get sick and injured, but if he is fatally injured he will heal. After many years on this Earth, He has settled down in a bookshop with quirky co-workers. His life is simple--that is until a magician/daredevil plummets to the bottom of teh Grand Cannon and doesn't die. David knows this man must b like him! Finding him and learning about his past becomes David's goal.
The first third of the book is fantastic. really loved the lore and the philosophy presented by the topic. I was cheering David on as he made friends with those like him and the non-immortal alike. But then the plot goes off in several directions and I lost interest. The book slowly went to this tangent and then that tangent. In fact, this sounds like this book is the first in a series if it isn't then this was just poorly written.
There was character development but you ended up not liking the majority of the characters. By teh end of the book, I was so sick of Zack and Moria.
No Less Days starts out strong and gives a weak finish.