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A bit disappointing, but I was expecting a lot from this book. I love the premise so much, one which promised a world where a nonsecular government has banned magic because of their belief that only gods should be able to use it, and three magic girls whose abilities must remain hidden. It has those elements, but what it did with them didn't really impress me.

The writing was mostly really good; it was nice and descriptive. There were a handful of lines that I tabbed in my copy because I liked them so much. There were some questionable decisions with the prose too, though, so not perfect. Also couldn't really get used to the constant use of "dame" and "sire" used instead of mother and father. It stuck out in a bad way.

I think my ability to really connect with any of the main characters was stretched thin with the multiple perspectives. I liked Sayer the most. Æsa's part in the story in particular was one I didn't care much about. It was okay overall, but it's not a story I would revisit or continue on with the next book.