Magical YA Adventure

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Thank you to BookishFirst for this finished copy to read & review early!

The beginning of this book went by really slow for me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. After part 1 finished, I was starting to get into it and then actually really enjoyed it. The cover is beautiful and I love the artist who does it.

In a place where magic is illegal and seen as stealing from a holy power, a group of girls sell magic kisses to those who can pay the price. All 3 girls are there for their own reasons. Power, money, or a place to belong. Soon, secrets start coming to light and their lives are put in danger and their magic is put to the test.

The whole time I kept reading I was thinking man how can 1 person just keep messing everything up. And then it kept happening. I don’t blame her for what happened in the end but man every bad thing just kept happening because of her. Like GIRL calm down!

I really liked the friendship/relationship dynamics everyone had. There were a few different suitors between the girls but it was obvious who they wanted to be with. There were so many things happening at once it was sometimes hard to remember all the characters and remember what was happening but the chapters being split up with different POVs helped a lot. I’m excited to read the next book because it ended on like 4 different cliffhangers that I’m ready to see resolved.