Forbidden Magic Fantasy

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I thought this book did excellent world building and setting up for the next book(s). I think it was so in depth with world building that it was a little slow. I also didn’t think any of the characters really got fully developed so I hope in the next book (yes I enjoyed it enough to read the next one for sure) there is some deeper character development. I want to cheer these girls on but I had a hard time since I felt pretty indifferent to them in this one. I loved the idea of magic that can be gifted with a kiss but never stolen. Magic is mostly outlawed but the rich and powerful support a small flock of girls who share their magical talent for a price, The Nightbirds. But there is a lot about their powers that is kept from them and as the conservative religious faction cries louder for the death of all witches the Nighbirds will learn what they are truly capable of.