Nice story for a younger audience

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I enjoyed this first impression, but should have read more about the book to know what to expect first. Somehow, I thought this was about young adults, maybe college age or slightly older. It is not. It is about a 17 year old junior in high school. I am simply too old to get past that in a romance novel. Not only that, but I felt stressed out for our MC while reading. She has so much pressure on her that she can't be in a relationship without being overwhelmed and is suffering from stress headaches. I didn't want to read about her in a romantic situation. I wanted to mother her. However, for a younger audience, I think this will be a good relatable story and I found the writing to be easily readable. I assume there will be a lot of character growth further in the story and she will learn how to manage her personal life in addition to the outside and self-imposed pressures put on her. So, it was good, but just not for me.