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We Can Never Be Enough: A Whole New Meaning

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4.5 stars

This book takes on a whole new meaning of never enough. It’s not about perfection or never feeling accomplished, it’s about understanding that whatever you are striving for, you can always grow in your ability. It’s also about understanding what motivates us and how we can align ourselves to achieve our goals. This book is about helping us to never give up on what matters most to us. To feel we still haven’t done enough.

It’s amazing how he relates a situation or experience that is high stakes, like choosing to kill someone or not, to something that we all relate to, to take action or not, even in simple things. I also appreciate the range of people that can benefit from the lessons in this book. No matter what path you’ve taken in life, this book is made to benefit you in whatever you have chosen.

For a non-fiction, this book is highly engaging. It’s a page turner, which is rare for a book like this. The stories and experiences in the book are captivating and moving. Even if you’re not into motivational books like this, the stories are worth reading the book.

The writing style is amazing. The way the author talks directly to us is unique and also perfect for the type of book this is. The way the author gets across his point is profound and makes us think. He asks us questions so that we can contemplate what he is saying. The logic behind his reasonings was very well expressed and it was easy for us to understand what he wanted us to take away from what he was saying.

The organization of the book is broken down into different sections of larger sections, and single ideas of larger ideas. There are 3 sections, each broken down into 3 chapter, and each chapter is broken down into subheadings. It keeps us focused on a specific aspect and allows us to mentally get organized. It also allows for a deeper dive into individual lessons. It’s clear that this structure was though through and it payed off. This allowed the book to be strategic and not a crazy mess of information.

I like the emphasis on not just being better for others but being better for ourselves. To prove to ourselves that we are more than we think. There are so many lessons that can be taken away from this book. I fully recommend that you discover them for yourself.