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Ways To Work Harder and Improve: Lessons From a Navy Seal

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Every wondered what it takes to get into one of the toughest branches in the military? This book has answered that question and so many more. And this story is more than just his experiences during his life fulfilling careers, but he gives us lessons he has learned from these experiences and how any of us, even us regular people, can learn to be better.

Some of my favorite things about this book was the stories he shares of his career as a SEAL. That is what drew me to this book in the first place. I don’t normally read books like this but from the very beginning I knew this would be the exception. Not only the mind boggling, life changing, stories he shares but the way he executed sharing them. I thought that him being a SEAL would make this book hard to understand and to enjoy because I have nothing in common with him, but he wrote in a way that anyone can follow and learn from. He not only has wonderful skills in leadership but can write so well. Every word flowed together, and it was truly pleasing to read his words.

I wouldn’t say this book it exactly a memoir but more of lessons you can learn. Every chapter is a new lesson to learn and each chapter is broken down into even more subtopics that help to achieve the main goal. At first, I thought that he had un-realistic expectations to tell people that they will never be enough. I thought his view would be a person has to be tough, show no weakness, work until they die, push and push until you wither away, but that was far from the truth. Yes, this book it called never enough and to some extent he is saying you are never enough, but not in the way I first thought. He explained that being Never Enough doesn’t mean we don’t have our limits, because all of us do and each of them are different, but instead explains that we can always improve our skills, we can always learn more, and try to take our mistakes we have made and learn from them. He teaches that we need to think of others before ourselves, and how we should think of ourselves and other, that even if in a position of power, we need to be flexible to let others take the lead too. I could truly go on and on with the lessons to be gleamed from this book. And all of these lessons have personal experiences to back them up. Some are happy, some are sad, but they all are inspiring.

He has had the life experiences that 10 people combined couldn’t have in their whole lives for his half a life he has liven so far. I do recommend this book, because I think everyone can learn something, and the stories of his life are truly eye opening. I was hooked from page one and engaged the whole time. A true work of art, and well deserved.