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Thought-Provoking Self-Help “Manifesto”

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Wow! I absolutely loved everything about this book. The content was organized in an exceptional manner, with clear statements about what each large section will cover and in what order. The author also introduced each part succinctly and broke the main points of each sub-section, making the content easy to follow and return to for future reference.

Though the title may sound a little harsh, the actual message of the book is very supportive and encouraging - to always keep trying and doing your best, and keep growing. I found the content very aligned with the general themes of third-wave behavioral therapy. There was a heavy focus on taking reasonable and meaningful steps in pursuit on one’s deep personal values, even when that process is difficult (which aligns with the concepts of experiential avoidance and the choice point).

I heavily recommend this book to everyone, and it would also be a thought-provoking option to use in therapy or coaching with a client,