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Practical, meaningful and motivating

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Thank you to Celadon Books for an advanced reading copy of Never Enough. Mike Hayes has had a career of service and leadership. He is a Navy SEAL, has worked in the White House, and in business.
In this book, he describes his experiences as a Navy SEAL to illustrate principles of self improvement, flexibility, compassion, meaning and leadership. The author has a humble, concise, direct and honest tone. His stories are fascinating. The lessons learned from his experiences whether they were successes or failures, can be applied to the personal and professional life of anyone, not just those in the military. The value of a life lived in service to others is emphasized.
Never Enough should be read by anyone in leadership, business, medicine, HR, education or government. It should be mandatory reading for those considering military service. In conclusion, anyone can enjoy Mike Hayes' experiences and benefit from his wisdom.
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