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Pleasantly Surprised

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Never Enough is typically not my usual genre of books that I read. Going into it, I definitely had my shoulders up, wondering what "this guy" is going to tell me that I'm doing wrong and how he thinks that I should fix it.

I was surprised at how much I ended up liking Never Enough. The author writes directly and honestly without a lot of fluff and I did not get the sense that he was telling me what he thinks is wrong and how to fix it. I enjoyed the military stories and could relate to some of them. He shared stories and example of how he failed and the lessons that he learned. He shared experiences where it was imperative to seek help and guidance from others, and how to be flexible and creative with problem solving.

Overall, I enjoyed Never Enough and felt that the author was humble and simply wants to help others from mistakes and lessons that he learned and the wisdom he also learned through those.