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'Never Enough' by Mike Hayes.

I enjoyed this book at times. Reading about Mike's SEAL training moments gave a nice inside look into an area I did not know a lot about.
The examples of the SEAL training all I can say is wow. I mean if he can swim in cold water for hours on end you can ask for a raise at work. So it's a can-do attitude that's for sure.

I do wish he would have mentioned other famous former SEALS and not just Dan Crenshaw.

I did have two issues with this book. On page 189/190 it's mention that both Chris and Bo were injured. We the reader are told what happened to Chris but never Bo. I don't know if this was an over site but just something I wanted to point out.

Now on page 134, Mike criticizes a soldier for smuggling his dog out of a combat zone. It's stated that the soldier thought of himself instead of the team. While that maybe true the other teachable moment is missing from this example. Either to make sure that a soldier can easily and legally get their beloved dogs (or cats) out so they don't have to try and smuggled them out. Or you should have pushed that the military to ease up on that rule. These men and women put their life on the line. If the soldier wants something as simple as his or her dog let them. If that helps them survive so be it.

Other than that it was an interesting read.