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Not What I Expected

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When I read the first look of this book I thought, “Wow! This sounds really interesting, and I would like to know more about Mike’s life!” I read the blurb and also saw it was listed as biographies and memoirs. So I figured it was going to mainly focus on Mike’s career as a SEAL.
WRONG! This book was a complete disappointment! I do NOT read self help books or motivational books. Sure, this world needs more positivity. However, when you pick a book up thinking it is biographical or a memoir, and are tricked I don’t feel that is quite right.
With that said, I won’t be sharing this poor review across multiple platforms. I’m sure the book may be great if you are in a rough spot, and trying to improve on yourself. Nonetheless, it was not branded as such, and I felt duped into reading a book I was not interested in.
I will only give Never Enough by Mike Hayes one star out of five. The blurb is absolutely misleading, the content is not as expected, and the genre category is incorrect. Also, the writing was simply alright. It was not very eloquent, and very simplex. It felt like reading a textbook. I will not be recommending this book to others.