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I would it but I have not received it yet but I love history so i,m sure I will love it if I ever get it I have heared,about it from my friends who have read it they I would love because my father served in world 2 he was in the air service so would love to read this I know if my father were alive he ask to read it when I finished it he loved to read books that is way I love books both he and my mom were teachers so that is were I got my love of books from they both have passed on my father was99 years old when he passed and my mom was 87 when she died I mss them both every much so when I get the book I will write a better review my sorry but this the best that I can do right know because I have not received the book yet . But I know if my friends loved it I will to it will bring good memories of my father back to me I really miss him and my mom very much love that I can get free books to read .