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Navy Seals Memoir

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Thanks so much for allowing me to win this book BookishFirst. In exchange here is my review of Never Enough by Mike Hayes. This memoir actually surprised me and was really engaging and I loved how this former commanding officer of U.S. Navy Seal Team Two wrote about his experiences in the Navy Seals and also his time in the White House. He writes about how anyone can live a life of excellence, agility and meaning if they follow some simple rules that he learned through his life experiences as a Navy Seal and in the White House. I like how he broke down the book into 3 main sections of Never Enough through excellence, agility and meaningfulness.

He also talked about his experiences during the Iraq war after 9/11. I loved how he used examples of bravery and his involvement in treacherous situations to explain how to be excellent, or agile or having meaningful connections. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in memoirs especially if they involve military personnel.