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I absolutely loved Never Enough. While it was written by a Navy SEAL, and war stories are not related at all to my line of work, or even my life, I was still able to pertain the lessons he learned to my own situations. The cool thing about SEALs is that they have literally been through some of the worst situations you can think of, and not only survived, but thrived. Their mental and physical strength is insurmountable! While I can’t physically compete with a SEAL, I do strive to have the same mental strength, and this book was filled with tangible tips on improving my mental capacity. I loved the stories, I loved the lessons, and I love and respect the author. He’s such a badass, but also down-to-earth. He’s been through the worst of the worst and yet has a heart of gold. He’s seen death and destruction and desires to build others up. I definitely recommend this book to everyone!