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Leader Or Not, You Should Read This Book

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I have read a lot of books about leadership, many be ex-military service members. None of them are as good as Never Enough. Mike Hayes has written what should be the Bible of leadership. His ideas are clear and concise and he provides anecdotal proof that his methods work.

While this book is ostensibly about leadership, it's actually about living your life to the fullest in service of others. I took so many things from this book. It not only provides a framework for leadership, it provides a framework for life. His background as a SEAL provides entertaining, often sad, examples of his philosophy-like holding a Captain's Mast in the field for a SEAL who did something wrong that could have, but didn't, cost lives. Hayes gave the sailor the option to choose his punishment. He didn't yell and demean, he had a conversation that made that man a better Seal and a better person. And isn't that what leadership is all about? Make people better. We have gotten so used to a culture of "winning" and that leaders yell and demean to get what they want, we sometimes forget that people are people and they need some humanity as well.

As I said, you do not have to be in a position of authority of leadership to take strong lessons from this book. This book will change how I deal with my students and how I deal with others, in my professional and personal lives.

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