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im not a fan

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Disclaimer: I received an ARC for my honest opinion about the book and its contents.

I personally wasn't a fan of the book. though i'm sure others adored it it just wasn't for me. They did a good job at being truthful and lots of motivation throughout the book. The author is a fantastic writer and knows what their doing there's nothing wrong with this book i'm just not interested in these kinds of books. I will say that the story itself was very inspirational and moving. I'm also not a fan of the cover it had absolutely nothing to do with the book it just looks "pretty". there's no meaning and it doesn't go with the book at all. As for recommending this book i would definitely recommend this to others even if i didn't like it because overall it is a well thought out and well written book. It was an easy well read book that i'm sure others will enjoy very much.