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Sadly, the book never arrived at my doorstep. It's been about 5 months so I will just write based on the sneak-peek. I understand that "Never Enough" is to help the readers get through tough life decisions and deal with the pain that comes with it. I read that he was held at gunpoint and threatened with execution at some part of his life and that is something to admire. Someone willing to die for their country. This book could teach about how it is always better to work as a team and if you transfer that knowledge to your life, it's the same idea. You need people around you to literally not die of depression or anxiety. We have to live for those that have fought for us, but not just live as in breathing air, but as in exploring the wonders of earth and the magic of being around magnificent people. I have experienced life's pain as well, and today I am living my life to the fullest.