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Advice on Living a Life of Excellence, Agility, and Meaning

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Never Enough by Mike Hayes, former commander of Navy SEAL team TWO, White House Fellow and former Director of Defense Policy and Strategy at the National Security council, chronicles his unique experiences and leadership advice. With careers and experiences ranging from being held at gun point and jumping out of a building to handling the fallout of the death teammate and leading meetings in the White House, Hayes as seen most of it.

This book includes stories of these unique experiences, but is mainly focused on sharing the life and leadership lessons he has learned. Centered around the idea that we can never be enough, meaning that we can always learn more, do more, and be more Hayes prompts us to push ourselves. By breaking it up by being never excellent enough, never agile enough, and never meaningful enough these areas have three mini lessons within each making each of these seem achievable and possible. Hayes illustrates each key lesson with a personal life example giving substance to theory. These lessons can be applied in any job situation or career and are highly relatable.

One the draw backs of this book was that it was very focus on military examples for these lessons. It might have been nice if some of the more office career moments of his career were used to illustrate these lessons because those can be more relatable to a wider audience. Nevertheless this book was full of good meaningful advice and I enjoyed reading it.