Taking the Path Few Dare to Travel

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I like how he takes something that most of us will never experience like training to be a SEAL and applies lessons every one of us can learn. Like how what truly stops us from doing our best or doing things we never thought we could, isn’t the physical strength we have, but the mental. We are the ones holding ourselves back from greatness and reaching our goals.

This book so far was very entertaining, and I held on to every word. So far and I’m sure there will be more, but there are so many stories and experiences he has that we would never be able to hear or even guess unless through this book. He has multiple lifetimes of experience in only the few years of his life. And the recounts he has of training to be a SEAL is truly mind blowing. It’s crazy that he actually experiences these things. He not only has engaging stories to tell but he really knows how to tell them. Even people who are not familiar with SEALS or US Army and Navy will still be able to understand and enjoy this action pact book.

And surprisingly I have nothing against the cover. Simple and well designed. It is exactly what you would want from a book like this.