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The cover is giving me an Aladdin vibe, which I think I would love reading about. Overall I really like the colors of the cover and it just looks really interesting. I know this is a middle grade book which I don’t usually pick up but I think that this one could be pretty good. From the synopsis I assume that there is probably going to be a lot of adventure in this book. I also think it’s really cool that it has something to do with fairies, sorcerers, princesses and much more. I almost always find myself enjoying books that have princesses and fairies. I also like it when the main character has to find out the truth about something which seems to be what happens in this book. I also like that that from the things she’s reading they are becoming true. Overall I think it’s seems pretty adventurous and fun. I also find the cover really captivating, it looks really good. I think if I was in a mood to feel nostalgic I would probably read this.