Fun Fairy Tale Read!

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This was a fun middle grade read! I love fairy tale recreations and spin offs, so I was quite excited for this book. Overall, I did enjoy it. I really like the protagonist, Filomena, and feel like she is engaging, relatable, and a fairly well developed character. I had a harder time relating to some of the other supporting characters and felt like their personalities could have been a bit more fleshed out. The book does address some pertinent issues to the target reader age, such as friendship, bullying, and generally trying to fit in while becoming your own person. I did like how Filomena ends up sharing what is going on with her parents, despite how crazy it all sounded. It ended up benefiting her as she learned a bit more about her story and I feel as though it sent a message to the reader that they should share such things with their parents, which as a parent myself, I approve! The story itself had some pacing issues as was rather predictable, but these are common issues to middle grade reads, and it was still an enjoyable read.