Never After - The Middle Grade novel you never knew you needed. (First Impression)

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First I want to say that I absolutely have been loving Melissa de la Cruz's new publications. I really loved The Queen's Secret duology, and I have been really intrigued by her new middle grade novel, Never After.
The cover, chapter header illustrations, and premise are beautiful and eye catching which I think is perfect for the middle grade audience. Honestly just after reading the first few pages of the prologue, I knew I was being transported into a classic, magical fantasy land!
Once we get into the meat of Filomena's story, I was chuckling every other line it seemed. Not only is she a relatable character, but she has spark and a unique voice. Filomena is ridiculously excited about the finale of her favorite book series being released that day, and to everyone's horror (including the empathetic reader) we discover that there is NO final book.
Everything about this sneak peak into the novel left me craving more. We know that something fantastical and magical is about to happen to Filomena, and I can't wait to continue on that journey with her!