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Super cute and LOL funny

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I enjoyed my time with Greer and found her voice to be authentic for a teen. I enjoyed the first person point of view which immediately placed me inside Greer's head. I found myself speeding through this fun novel and laughing out loud more times than I remember. Greer is truly relatable for teens as she tries to navigate high school and lack of self-confidence and self-acceptance.

The friendships in this book are amazing! I cheered for the loyalty these girls had for each other and how they supported each other, even when they pursued their own paths and talents. I also enjoyed the volleyball team, including the coach who knew how to get the best attitude and performance from her team and truly cared for each player as individuals.

I thought from the beginning that Jackson would play a bigger role in the story and I wished he'd had more page time to give us incite into his character. Jackson is a sweetheart and gentleman from what the author gave her readers. Greer seemed to focus on her chest on every page and it started getting tiresome after awhile and I'd hoped she'd struggle more with her feelings for Jackson.

Greer's parents drove me crazy--what parents ignore their child's pain, both physical and emotional when it's so obvious? I kept waiting for them to show growth in this area too and it never really happened.

The ending was good, but felt too rushed and unnatural for me, and left too much hanging unanswered. Overall, I liked this book and would recommend it to others who enjoy YA contemporary.