Such a good book!

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So I won this from a Bookish First giveaway right when all the pandemic hit here in the US. And so I didn’t get an ARC or a copy of the book until right before the publishing date. And by then, my schedule was already off, and I have trouble fitting in extra books. But I made sure finally to find a time to fit it into my blogging schedule, and now here is my review.

Once I did pick it up, I was swept right into the story. The author used great humor to help with this touchy subject. But not just humor, there was also a lot of realistic details and ways that things happened. Of course I totally understood why Greer pushed Jackson away, or at least made sure he knew that she knew that it was only friendliness and nothing more from him. Because I’ve felt that way my whole life. The few times I thought maybe a guy was actually flirting and interested in me, he wouldn’t be, and then I’d get rejected or feel humiliated. So I get it.

What Greer went through physically I kind of get as well. While I wasn’t suffering from the endowments that she had when I was younger, I totally get what she is saying about the bras not being cute when you are a larger size like I am now, not to mention that if you do find ones that are cute, they don’t really fit right, and definitely don’t have any support. But to be a high schooler having to deal with those things would be really sad, when you want to do the same things as everyone else. I can’t even picture what that special bra she got looked like, other than a straight jacket that I pictured in my head.

There were a few very hilarious its. First there was a section where they were in math class and the teacher asked about “number two”. Yeah, my brain is pretty much still stuck in middle school humor from teacher there for about 15 years. So I was laughing along with the boys in her class so much. And then there was the line, “Are you comparing my boobs to a Nazi mole?” I couldn’t stop giggling at that for a long time after I read it.

A great book, I’ll be donating my copy to the library where I work!