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Let me just say I'm now a huge fan of Laura Zimmerman as an author. Her writing style is unique, amazing, and sooo easy to read.

Let's start with the cover though. The coloring and photo used is such a great choice. The cover and title are strong and relatable for any woman.... well almost any.

The book topic addresses something many women struggle with. So I'll obviously state that this book is best geared towards young women.

The book follows main character fifteen-year-old Greer Walsh as she struggles with the size of her chest and the struggles / attention that come with it. Greer finds herself wearing oversized clothing, slouching and more to hide the size of her chest. The people in her life help her in realizing that life isn't meant to be lived struggling that way, and she finds a supportive team in her volleyball team and a lovely young man Jackson Oates.

This is GREAT read for young teen girls as well as us adult women!