Good but Lacks Information

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My Eye Are Up Here is quick to read YA contemporary romance. Overall, I enjoyed the story, and would recommend with reservations.

I cannot relate to Greer's specific body issues, but I can relate to the fact that dislike of my body caused me to be self-conscious and preventing me from doing things. I could relate to her need to hide, to let what others were saying wash over her, to not make waves so that she didn't receive unwanted attention.

It bothered me throughout the book that Greer would complain about her bras being too small, but not really doing anything about it to get better bras. What I wished was that there would have been additional resources, or information, either written into the book, or as part of the author's notes/acknowledgment for information on getting better supporting bras, or information on breast reduction surgery, so that young readers who may have the same issue as Greer would have a place to turn.

In regards to the story itself, it was cute. I do love how Greer was in denial about Jackson liking her, with all the excuses that she came up with for why Jackson wanted to hang out with her. I wish there would have been more with Quinlan in the book, she's thrown in to the story at various moments, but there seems to be so much more that can be done with her character. Loved the other minor characters, and how they will stand up for their convictions.