Coming of age, but not for me.

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My Eyes Are Up Here is a well written coming of age, that promotes fishing body positivity and having a voice. Unfortunately this one just was not for me. I had a hard time connecting with our lead character Greer. Although I completely understand the ups and downs of high school and throwing in body acceptance on top of that, I just never felt fully into the story. She’s struggling with being seen and heard before people see her breasts and only judge her or think of her based on them. Navigating how to live without covering up her insecurities and just finding the people who accept her or care about her outside of her breasts. As I said, I couldn’t get into this one, so I won’t be rating it on other sites either, because I’d hate to bring the rating down when it feels like a “it’s me, not you” situation. I think anyone looking for a body positivity focused coming of age, with friendships and possible romantic relationships will like this one.