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A Compelling Female Protagonist in a Slice-of-Life Tale

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While the cover design of MY EYES ARE UP HERE might catch one's attention, the spirited, realistic high school female who narrates the story will keep your attention. Fans of YA contemporary novels 'Frank Li in Love'' and 'Darius the Great is Not Okay,' are sure to enjoy the daily life of Greer Walsh.
Greer's nemesis seems to be her overly large breasts; however, it is Greer's description of her own breasts as "baby manatees" which gives one a clue to her humorous commentary that brings each page to life. Whether Bree describes regular events in school gym class or mandatory participation in her far-too-perfect mother's life as a relocation specialist, readers will find unexpected humor and entertainment.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Walsh, Greer's mother, seems more concerned with the bragging rights of her "baby-seal leather" seats in a luxury SUV than her daughter's good qualities.
There is the promise of a whole new twist with the arrival of Jackson's family. This new boy in town has a refreshing sense of humor, balanced with what seems to be mature good sense. Is a romance brewing? I can not wait to read the rest of this book!