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Too much like a script

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Some parts of this book really appealed to me. The mystery of a string of murders was interesting; that’s why I kept pushing myself to finish reading it. I liked Jane Tennison’s character. The story takes place in the late 1970s, which the author repeatedly shows by emphasizing the challenge of being a career woman in a man’s world.

Some of the book reads like a screenplay, and that was the part I didn’t like. It just wasn’t my favorite writing style. A lot of the characters’ actions and thoughts were directly stated despite the clearly implied tone of the situation. If I read about Moran’s baby one more time, I might have just quit reading altogether.

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite story, but it would probably appeal to those who liked the Jane Tennison series. Maybe I’ll try to watch it over Christmas break and that will inspire me to read the series.