Terrific Procedural

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British police procedurals are a particular favorite of mine, and while I have never read any of Lynda La Plante's books before, this story absolutely grabbed me. While it's the fourth in a series, it works sufficiently well as a standalone. Set in the early 1980s, the sexism and general bigotry Jane encounters among her fellow police officers is frustrating and difficult to read at times, but La Plante has used this to create a sense of fierceness in Jane as she works to prove herself and brings compassion and a fresh perspective to the work. The shocking story in this one came together towards a conclusion that was unpredictable (if, in some ways, a bit unsatisfying). The time period this book is set in means that the police can't rely on things like DNA evidence linking the crimes- and instead have to rely on savvy officers like Jane to use good detective skills to solve the case. Jane seems like the Olivia Benson of the 1980s- and really, that's a form of praise I wouldn't give to just anyone.