Murder Mystery

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Murder Mile is the fourth Jane Tennison book. In this book, a murder victim has been discovered in an alley in London and Jane and her team must get to work identifying the victim. But before they get very far in their investigation, another murder victim is discovered. Jane must put her sleuthing skills to work and find out who the killer is before he or she strikes again.

This book made me cringe and want to cover my eyes at times because it's so graphic. This is not a light, mystery read. This is a true murder mystery and the details are often gruesome and hard to read if you have a weak stomach. This book also takes place in London so the dialogue is oftentimes hard to understand if you are not familiar with their slang and language. There is also a lot of strong language which I didn't like at all. I do have to say that the actual mystery itself was well thought out and researched by the author and the conclusion is quite unexpected.