Brittish Law and Order

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I love crime drama, and the excerpt of the novel reminded me of the Netflix original "The Fall" but there was little in forensic details in searching for the killer and Jane Tennyson was more of a British Olivia Benson in her youth when she first joined NYPD; doubting her own abilities , and barely making her own decisions.. This book neatly could be tied up in an hour script for television, the characters are predictable, and neatly framed. It is a novel you can pick up and put down and skip to the end. Jane is redeemed and catches her killer, and the world will be ready to fight crime another day. No surprises, enjoyable and Ms LaPlante is suited for writing screenplays, but should read more thrillers to add some suspense. I want my skin to turn cold , and read something that has not already been shown on TV for decades. A solid 3 stars .. I did finish the book, but wouldn't rate her in my faves of the crime genre.